Most payment processors are only interested in green. They want to make a sale, and to them, you’re just numbers. We’re one of a few merchant providers in Virginia accredited by the Better Business Bureau, because we measure our success by your satisfaction and offer honest, face-to-face service. We want to meet you, shake your hand, and talk about your options. After we’ve talked, we’ll follow through on every agreement, written or otherwise, because we hold ourselves accountable to values that don’t have dollar signs in front of them.

On top of that, we’ve partnered with Ignite Payments, the only Independent Sales Organization owned by First Data, giving us access to the most cutting-edge technology, payment solutions, management tools, analytical data, and a variety of other unique solutions that will empower your small business.

Click the video below to learn how Orange Sock Pay and Clover POS helped this customer:

Payment Processing Statement Analysis Blurb

Use the Orange Sock exclusive innovative payment processing statement analysis tool to allow you the ability to know instantly what excess fees you’re being charged by your credit card processing service.
When you upload your merchant statement, theStatement Analysis Tool analyzes your current statement and you’ll receive an answerin seconds.
Our real-time processor is the only one of its kind. It analyzes statements from 40+ different payment processors. By using it, you’ll:

Save Money

Know instantly where you’re paying excess fees for your credit card processing.

Save Time

Get your statement or multiple monthsanalyzed and see where you’re losing money in fees.

Get Results

Just drag and drop your statement and get your analysis NOW and see how much you can save by reducing your fees!



On top of our personalized service, we provide the following technologies and business solutions:

  • Clover POS
  • Clover GO Mobile Payments
  • eCommerce and Website payment integration
  • Clover Cash Advance
  • Credit Card Terminals
  • Gift and loyalty programs, both digital and physical (i.e. Gyyft or Perka)
  • Telecheck Servies
  • Recurring Payment Solutions
  • First Data Global Leasing Solutions

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