“Mark was able to provide a huge savings for my company in credit card processing and was able to handle everything down to canceling my existing service”

— J.S.

“Mark Brown with Orange Sock is the best!”

— Gary P.

“Mark came in and made some recommendations and it has been incredible! He is available to help when I need him. The Clover system was very intuitive and easy to use. I highly recommend Mark, Orange Sock and the Clover system.”

— Jan Wolfe, The Elderberry

“Forget trying to deal with a credit card company on the phone or online. If you want to be treated as way more than a number or a sale, call Mark at Orange Sock Pay. Oh, you’ll have a real good time getting set up with them, too. Just call him, you’ll see. The personal care is fantastic! The organization also donates a percentage of revenue they make to a charitable foundation of your choice, which is pretty neat.”

— Richmond Wellness

“Mark was very professional. He helped us out a lot. He explained things that I didn’t even know about accepting credit cards.We are very comfortable recommending Mark.”

— Barry & Dan, Action Auto Works

“Smooth and flawless. I would recommend Mark Brown. He is upfront, likeable and down to earth. Stellar customer service.”

— Matt Shaver, Belmont Barber Shop