Businesses operating on the Clover POS system discover that running their businesses is easier and more effective in an all-in-one payment processing ecosystem. Clover allows businesses to accept more forms of payment, manage employees, track inventory, build customer relationships, and process payment on the go. This robust point-of-sale system works for small businesses across various industries. Before we examine those industries where using Clover best benefits business growth and scalability, let’s unbox Clover to see its basic benefits.

Clover is About Simplicity

When you unpack the Clover Station POS, you’ll get a touchscreen display, receipt printer, two rolls of printer paper, the power cable, the display cable in a zipper bag, cash drawer box with keys, and cash drawer cable. From there, all you do is connect the cables to their proper ports, connect it to the ethernet (unless you’re using it on Wi-Fi), plug Clover Station into a power outlet, and turn it on. The beauty of Clover Station (and all Clover products) is that it’s plug and play. That’s it. There’s no complicated setup, technological learning curves, or confusing parts.

Once on, set up your internet connection (if using Wi-Fi), activate your Clover Station, and then set up your printer and cash drawer. Clover’s easy to follow on-screen prompts will guide you through its complete setup.

Once your Clover Station is up and running, it’s easy to set up your products or menus in the software so you can quickly begin accepting transactions. Clover accepts all forms of payment from EMV chip, PIN debit, and touchless (think Apple Pay or Google Pay) to cash and checks with the touch of a button.

Clover is designed to be simple because as a business owner, your best energy needs to be spent on growing your business, not figuring out complicated point-of-sale payment processing hardware and software.

What Each Clover Does

There are four Clover payment processors: Clover Station, Clover Mini, Clover Flex, and Clover Go. Each one serves different aspects of running your business. We’ll examine each.

Clover Station

Clover Station is designed to be your all-in-one point-of-sale solution for your restaurant, retail store, or other small business. It allows you to accept payment, manage employees time cards, track inventory, reserve tables, create customer loyalty programs, store customer’s frequently orders items/dishes, and more. It’s 4 GB of RAM enable fast transactions and it’s extendable which allows you to add additional peripherals, such as a barcode scanner, scale, kitchen printer, and more.

Clover Mini

Equally robust as the Station, but smaller in size, Clover Mini is a powerful payment processor that takes up less counter space. It’s great for those businesses that have fewer products or menu options and that are focused primarily on fast payment processing and smoother customer experiences. Clover Mini runs cloud-based software that allows business owners to access and operate their business from any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Clover Flex

If your business is multifaceted and involves you working from a physical location and on the go, Clover Flex gives you the power, security, and the tools you need to process payments, print receipts, and track inventory, and handle customers all from the palm of your hand. It’s wireless and works over Wi-Fi or LTE and it’s secure, so your customers can buy with confidence knowing their sensitive data won’t be compromised.

Clover Go

If you’re familiar with Square or PayPal Here, Clover Go offers a mobile payment processing solution that’s stronger, more secure, and that accepts more payment options. With the go, all you need to do is charge it and plug it into your mobile device and it’s ready to go to work accepting chip, swipe, and contactless payments. It maintains customer information that syncs with your other Clover devices and allows you to email and text receipts.

How It Benefits Your Business Out of the Box

Using Clover POS, you can add layers of customization to any business. Whether you’re in retail, service, or run a restaurant or bar, Clover gives you the capabilities you need to success:

An Affordable POS for Growing and Scaling Businesses

Clover POS systems are priced to sell. Units can be purchased outright, in installments, or leased monthly. Clover also comes with merchant account software pre-installed for even faster set up. No need to spend a lot of time hunting down and price comparing the different available options, Clover does it all for you. Payment processing starts as low as 2.3% + 10 cents per transaction. Clover point-of-sale products are priced as follows:

Add-ons like Dining ($69 per month; first 30 days free) allow restaurants the ability to manage tables and orders, create floor plans, and keep track guest numbers, and know which servers are waiting on which tables.

Types of Businesses that Benefit from Clover

If you’re in restaurant or food services (i.e., bar, brewery, bakery), retail, or service-based industries, Clover is a must-have system. It’s built for the speed, volume, and busyness of large restaurants with easy to implement tools and apps to help boutique shops and landscaping companies process payments.

Full-service restaurants
The Clover Station can handle the full weight of total operations. From tracking employees and inventory, customizing orders, generating detailed reports, and managing company finances, Clover Station is ideal. Its ability to expand with peripherals and apps also help restaurants provide higher levels of service.

Bars & Breweries
The Clover Mini is the perfect solution for bars and breweries with high foot traffic and who need speed to process orders, a system to maintain tabs, and a means for bartenders to retain customer orders for faster service, and for creating simple menus. It takes up little counter space and can shoulder the load of a crowded happy hour, game day, or a busy networking event.

Food Trucks. The Clover Mini or Clover Flex are perfect companions for busy food trucks. Both operate on wireless connections making it easy for mobile businesses to accept payments.

Frozen Yogurt & Candy Shops
The Clover Mini has just the right amount of power to help these businesses process payments easily and effectively. Add the Weight Scale for measuring volumes of frozen yogurt or candy by the pound and you’ll guarantee speed and accuracy on every transaction.

Retail Shops & Boutiques.
For those operating brick-and-mortar retail shops and specialty boutiques, Clover Mini provides a simple solution for tracking inventory and taking payments swiftly. Pair it with the Bar Code Scanner and you can print and tag products or articles of clothing for easy scanning at the point-of-sale.

Service-Based Businesses
If you’re a locksmith, landscaper, house cleaner, or other mobile-based service industry, the Clover Flex allows you to install apps to manage your service offerings and track orders, take payment, and leave a receipt behind for the customer. It’s portability and size keep it out of your way and available only when you need it.

Street Vendors& Expo/Festival Exhibitors
Farmers, craftspeople, artists, and other people who sell their wares at book festivals, craft fairs, Farmers’ markets and other hubs will find Clover Go the best option for taking fast, hassle-free payment. Its small, portable, operates wirelessly and fits in your pocket.


Clover has created an all-inclusive suite of products, apps, and peripherals that can help and business with the desire to grow, scale, and reach more customers. It’s easy to use, reasonably priced, and offers options for every type of business.