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Clover POS system presents restaurant owners with an intuitive suite of hardware and software tools to make setting up and running business a snap. Its interface can grow and change with the needs of your business, so you won’t have to upgrade into a different POS as your restaurant scales. Clover Station offers a complete POS system making transactions easy for both clerk and client. What you get is an adaptable POS system that works for any size restaurant and can be adapted to fit the specific needs of each whether it’s a snack bar or a casual dining operation.

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Pros & Cons of the Clover POS System for Restaurant Management

As with any POS system, there are pros and cons that restaurant businesses need to consider. [1] Here are the common ones:


• Versatility and ease of use
• App store with over 300 app integrations
• Peripheral hardware add-ons
• Modern look and feel
• Ease of customer access and multiple transaction options (i.e. chip card, swipe, mobile payments, etc.)


• Only sold with merchant accounts
• Proprietary hardware
• Cost of apps

Station + Mini: The Best Tandem POS System for 2018

The Clover Station and Mini put innovative speed at your disposal, a feature necessary for restaurants. When paired, the two POS systems enables you to take and process orders, and then collect payment quickly and efficiently.

The Clover Station is an all-in-one POS system that helps with restaurant management tracking team members, running customer loyalty promotions and incentive programs, and providing detailed daily reports on your restaurant. When integrated with other devices, like the Clover Mini, the Station can help you run your restaurant more effectively.

The Clover Station POS system features a 14-inch touchscreen display with chip card reader, a high-speed printer for providing receipts, and a cash drawer. It also has a fingerprint reader to enable quicker employee logins. [2]

The Clover Mini can standalone, but when paired with the Clover Station, it becomes a customer-facing device for accepting payment and signature to complete the transaction. The Clover Mini’s flexibility and security features allows customers the option of choosing from multiple forms of payment while protecting their personal information. [3]


Since each Clover POS system device requires a linked merchant account, resellers consider variables like monthly volume, processing rate, and whether you’re planning to lease or purchase the unit or units before they offer prices.

Clover Station

Clover Station costs $1,199 to purchase and $14/month to lease for businesses with less than $50,000 in credit card sales and $29/month for with greater than $50,000 in credit card sales.

Clover Mini

Clover Mini costs $599 to purchase and its leasing prices are the same as the Clover Station.

Register Lite ($14/month)
For businesses with less than $50,000 in credit card sales per year.

• 2.7% plus 10 cents for in-person transactions
• 3.5% plus 10 cents for keyed-in transactions

Register ($29/month)
For businesses with more than $50,000 in credit card sales per year

• 2.3% plus 10 cents for in-person transactions
• 3.5% plus 10 cents for keyed-in transactions.

Each plan also comes with a robust set of features and offerings specific to each plan to give your restaurant more processing power.[4]

Benefits of Clover Station + Mini for Restaurant POS

For restaurants looking to take advantage of this technology, here’s what you’ll find:

Flexible Payment Options
Give your customers more payment options with a Clover Station and Clover Mini set up. Accept swipe, chip card, PIN entry, and mobile payments—Google, Apple, and Samsung Pay.

Customer Friendly
With the front-facing Clover Mini, your customers give tips, provide e-signatures, and sign up for your loyalty programs by providing their email address.

Clover’s top-of-line security—Trans Armor Data Protection—shields your customers against credit card fraud by providing encryption and tokenization to keep cardholder data private and secure.

Receipt Preferences
Allow your customers the ability to receive receipts via emails, texts or printed using the Clover Station and Mini POS system.

Cloud Access to Business Metrics
Using the web-based Clover Web Dashboard on your computer or smartphone, you can keep track and manage your restaurant’s employee data, sales activity, reports and more in real-time.

Use other Clover POS system devices for added functionality, like the Clover POS Weight Scale, Clover POS Kitchen Printer, and Clover POS Handheld Barcode Scanner. There devices connect with your Clover Station to give you a more powerful—and accountable—system.

App Market for Expandability

The Clover App Market boasts over 300 apps allowing you to customize your Clover Station and Mini POS system to give it the ability to run your restaurant, manage employees, reward loyal customers, sell goods online, and more. You can also handle accounting and payroll, business insurance, and hiring. [5]

Restaurant 365
This software integration allows you to strengthen your restaurant business. It’s an internet service requiring no hardware. It eliminates manual entry since it’s connected to your Clover POS system. It ensures each of your jobs are planned, scheduled and delivered, if you run a catering or delivery service within your restaurant. Restaurant 365 links to your banks and needs no additional accounting system integration since it is one. It gives your restaurant the opportunity to work efficiently and profitably through accounting, inventory, scheduling, dashboards and reporting.

Menu Boards
Whether your restaurant is a diner, a bar, a carryout, or a coffee shop, digital menus help showcase to your customers your products and prices, sometimes in a fun and visual way. Clover POS systems integrate seamlessly with the Menu Boards to provides your restaurant with great signage that make even the smallest restaurants feel upscale. Menu Boards running on the Clover POS system enable easy uploading, scheduling, and managing digital menus. Changes to your boards are made right within Clover for easy tracking and updating.

Clover Dining
Clover Dining, an app for designed for sit-down restaurants, gives you the ability to seat guests, manage servers and assign tables, take and process orders, and accept guest payments.

Clover Happy Hour
Tracking pricing and inventory changes during specific times of day is easy with the Clover POS Happy Hour app. Your happy hour categories and menu items are easily managed and assigned to your specific time needs making discounts and other reduced-price offerings (such as appetizers) automatically updatable leaving no chance to human error.


The Clover POS system is easy to set up and use right away. As you get used to the powerful functionality of the POS, you can add accessories, integrate software, and scale your Clover to grow with the needs of your business. As one of the industry’s largest POS systems, Clover provides restaurants of all sizes a turnkey solution they can have up and running right out of the box with the ability to integrate it to their restaurant’s needs. Since Clover develops its own hardware and customer service through 24-hour, 7 day a week phone and email support add to its already attractive capabilities. For those who like to use and rely on technology be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone, the Clover App Marketplace allows you to keep real-time tabs on your business no matter where you are.

We recommend Clover for restaurant businesses looking to enhance customer engagement, better manage employees and inventory, and that want a centralized hub for scaling their business’s operations from one product and interface.