Terms and conditions

This promotion is for the intent to meet with business owners and decision makers to provide explanation and options on how to lower what the business pays in credit card processing fees in the hopes that those who utilize this promotion will discover the value provided by Orange Sock and be open to and seek for its services and products. This promotion no way guarantees or claims uniform results or any degree or level of savings or even savings at all. Savings will vary depending on any given number of varying influences that effect the amount of potential savings. It is required to follow these scheduling steps in order to qualify for the $20 Amazon Gift Card promotion.

Applicant will visit and complete the entry form and select an appointment date and time from the options available. If the web site is not capable of scheduling or if it is malfunctioning in anyway, applicant may also apply to promotion by emailing This promotion will provide to the one who redeems the promotional offer a $20 Amazon Gift Card within (15) fifteen business days from the date where the 10-minute promotion meeting was completed and will be delivered to the email address on file that was submitted at the time the 10-minute promotion meeting was scheduled. In order to receive the $20 Amazon Gift Card, the redeemer must meet the requirements of the program which are but not limited to,

  • That the redeemer is an authorized representative and/or owner and is authorized to make decisions pertaining to the chosen merchant services on behalf of the business of subject on the10-minute promotion meeting AND
  • Capable of having access directly to or by providing physical/electronic merchant credit card processing statements on or before the time and date of 10-minute promotion meeting. This documentation is critical to discovering the hidden fees and overcharges that the business of subject may currently have imposed on them.There are no fees for cancelled or missed appointments. There are no obligations to the redeemer of the promotion following the 10-minute promotion meeting. Program is subject to change at anytime with or without notice.