Mark founded Orange Sock with one goal: service. It seems simple, but it’s through simplicity and focus that he’s managed to create an easy, enjoyable business to partner with. In every interaction, no matter how small, no matter how seemingly simple, Mark listens and keeps you in mind. It’s through his listening, caring, and providing honest options that he finds his purpose and it’s on these values that he’s built this business.


A focus of Orange Sock is accountability. We want to take the time to share with you our core values, so you know the standard we hold ourselves to, and the standard you should and can expect from us as your partners.

Thanks to our values, we are the only Virginia merchant service provider accredited by the Better Business Bureau.


It’s not often you see a 220-pound soldier in orange knee highs, but that was Mark’s brother Luke. He made an impression wherever he went, and made the best out of every situation through sidesplitting humor and wit. His socks were a banner of sorts—a reminder of his personal principal. Be the best you can be despite the opinions and disapproval of others.

At the funeral of PFC Luke Joshua Brown, 82nd Airborne US Army, the pallbearers friends, and family all wore orange socks as a testament to his wry spirit, his gratitude, and his heart. The Orange Sock is a symbol to honor all loyal, unforgettable, laughing souls like Luke and to continue their legacy through unique and thoughtful service.