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With the Patriots’ heavy smell of victory still in the air, combined with the deep memory of one of my greatest treasures, I find myself drawn to a sobering reflection; what does it take to be the greatest of all time? As I feel the answer arise from within me I am both humbled and grateful for the precious nature of what is revealed.

Tom Brady led the Patriots to the greatest come back victory in Super Bowl history, to win the more Super Bowls than any other Quarterback ever, and tie the only other person in any position ever for the most Super Bowl Championships, and the most passing yards in a Super Bowl, the most this, the most that…and so on and so on. He basically holds every Super Bowl record ever. When I think about what got him there, I recall a short almost completely insignificant conversation with my wife. As she follows some celebrities, she shared that Giselle and Tom Brady both have a very strict nutritional regiment. Maybe you’re like me and thought “Well, yeah, of course. She’s the world’s most successful super model and he is the greatest Quarterback of all time.” It was in that thought that I caught myself in an elusive trap to mediocrity and low vibration in an acceptance of possible discredit to their disciplined choices.

The difference between being the greatest and just being great is really only two things. One, Champions focus longer. They get to the highest level by maintaining a disciplined life of habits that have been honed over years and years in the pursuit of perfection through endless self reflection. This is a secret of the great ones and all of the best do this. However, this wasn’t the truth that stirred my soul.

It was this. The second attribute of those considered as the greatest of all time is that they rinse the cottage cheese. (What the….?) Yup, that’s it. I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t even like cottage cheese.” Yeah, tell me about it. It always looked some milk and cheese got into a fight then passed out in the sun until some hippie came by and said, ‘Whoa, that looks natural. I’m gunna sell it! As appealing as it is to my entrepreneurial mind to fabricate that origin of cottage cheese, I’m on a complete tangent; an ADHD moment if you will.

What is meant by “rinsing the cottage cheese” really has nothing to do with food or diet at all. The phrase refers to a method that was uncovered by Tom Collins in their studies while writing Good to Great. They talked about an athlete that had won the top championships in his sport year after year. They shared that he would ‘rinse the cottage cheese’ to maintain the high carb/low fat diet needed to fuel his body’s high calorie consumption.

In the book (which I highly recommend to anyone looking to be better at anything) they noted the valuable observation and admitted that he probably didn’t win his championships because he rinsed his cottage cheese. Rather it was the mindset of supreme detailed achievement in bringing everything in his life into a congruent support of winning at the highest level.

This is Tom Brady. He eats like a ‘rinse the cottage cheese’ champion, as any of the Greatest of All Time’s do. Once I thought of this, after my wife’s comment, it was then that my heart sputtered and almost leapt out of my chest.

Orange Sock carries its name from a memory of the one of the greatest of all time, Luke Joshua Brown and today would have been Luke’s 35th Birthday. Happy Birthday Champ! Luke did what the greatest do in his own way. Luke was the most bright, hilarious, thoughtful and kind man out there; the greatest of all time because he rinsed the cottage cheese. Luke would always remember birthdays with a funny card or thoughtful gesture. He would light up a room with his un-duplicatable humor and wit that would leave the most confident person rattled and the most quiet person bursting out loud in laughter.

Luke is in the hall of the greatest above us now and only his legacy and stories remain. His nieces and nephews here about his unforgettable character often. I believe we have built him up so much that they think Luke and Superman are one and the same. Awesome! Sounds about right.

My question to you is this. Are the greatest only those in the Super Bowls of the world or are they the Luke Brown’s? I’d say the latter are most assuredly the ones that line the “greatest of all time” corridors in the mansions above. The Fathers, the brothers, the husbands and wives. Those in lonely victory over addiction and strife. Those who line the insides of chapels seeking and needing refuge. Those who win because that’s the right thing to do, even when no one will ever see it. Those who take the hit, jump on the grenade and turn the cheek. Those who forgive freely and love unconditionally.

Today on the birthday of one of the Greatest of All Time, join me in rinsing the cottage cheese. Let’s do one thing more to be better. Let’s tighten one loose screw in our life that will bring more light and joy into the lives of those we love and those all around us. Today let’s take one step closer to being our Greatest of All Time where we belong by choosing our destiny and not submitting to letting it choose us. This is our time and the Greatness is ours. Together, let’s embrace it!

Dedicated to: my brother PFC Luke Joshua Brown – The Greatest of All Time

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