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July 7, 2016

Why Ignite Payments | First Data?

When was the last time you walked into Walmart and thought “Man, I cannot wait to get a great value for my dollar today?”

NEVER! Why? Because the age of value has passed. General society has long since moved into a “yeah, but how much does it cost?” mentality. In a world of corporate retail giants and 1-click super buys, we have been far removed from the silent invitation into discovering the long term value and benefits to avoiding the apparently cheapest thing ever.

The marketing genusis that be have for far too long capitalized on the impulsivities of man kind. And with all the marketing noise and possible ways to interact that we can be sold by, they have made billions by doing so.

However, that tide is changing. People are swinging back to the mindset of long term thinking. We are realizing more and more with every passing day that we dont want to be sold into the latest great peice of crap cheap thing just to turn around and be sold to the next great peice of crap tomorrow.

Deep inside our souls somethign tells us that we don’t like that feeling. That ultimately, we would prefer to buy something that is timeless. We all can appreciate value and service. Why else do we work? play? live? breathe? We do it to have something of value.

How many times would it take most people to wake up every day and fill their car up with gas and have it only take them 20 miles down the road, before they say “I don’t think this gas is really working for me.”

This is the dilemma in general society. We want value but are constantly bombarded with loud worthless meanial noise to buy or get or do somethign that is not really the best for us or what we want.

I’m not so sure about other industries but in payment processing, nothing could be more sure than the lack of value that has so unfortunately become an acceptable means of business service. I am constantly met with business owners that have no idea who their merchant service rep is, even more who don’t know what they have agreed to or the restrictions of that agreement, and by far the most amount that have been mislead or left to repair the destruction of failed commitments and poor work.

Merchant service reps have long since made a killing on the vulnerbilities I have described. They land in a city, smoke sales left and right, profit much, hit the road, and rarely have to face the consequences of any failures. It’s the american dream leaving many business owners with the check.

This is both the dissapointments of the industry and the opportunity.

My Grandfather told me when I was a boy, “If you want to wealthy, do the opposite of the masses.” I believe he was saying ‘if you want to be happy, do something better!’

Ignite Payments is exactly that. They are the only payment company owned by First Data. They recently rebranded and have quickly evloved through the leadership of the industries top innovators into the most highly valued payment processing provider in the market, Bar None!

They are the spoiled rotten first born son of the wealthy oil tycoon. They get the best buy rates, cutting edge innovation, top industry leaders, prorietary software, attraction from the best developers, best trained and funded support, most impressive technology, leading data analytics, access to the most inclusive and broad processing data and trends, and so on, and so on.

What else would you expect from a company owned by First Data who through their network processed close to 10% of the GDP of the United States of America. (approx. $1.7 trillion processed by FD)

So, who is Ignite Payments? The best business partner you are about to meet.

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