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Are you giving away
extra money  
each month to your credit card merchant company?

You probably are and don’t know it…

Hi, my name is Mark Brown, and I’m going teach you how to save thousands of dollars each year in your business by cutting credit card fees. Best of all, you don’t have change processors or buy any additional point-of-sale equipment.

Over the past 7+ years, I have helped hundreds of business owners like you in retail, food service, and health carekeep their hard-earned dollars in their businesses where they in turn could invest that money into inventory, operations, payroll, and other areas responsible for driving growth and creating optimal customer service.

In the video below, I share the exactclients I helped save a whopping $10,000 or more last year.

And according to an American Express Digital Payments survey, 71% of merchants say that annual sales (online and mobile) are increasing compared to previous years.

This is because U.S. consumers spend 12-18% more when using credit cards instead of cash…

…and while this is great for your business, if you don’t know the secrets to cutting your credit fees this could prove to only be a way to spend more, not keep more in your business.

More credit card transactions = increase spending in hidden fees

Here’s what your credit card processing company DOESN’T want you to know…

Who actually is making the money from your merchantfees.

and The Anatomy of a statement.

Statements, they are all confusing, why?Who can even interpret them?Statements seem as if they were designed to disguise and hide fees.There’s one part of the statement they don’t want you to read. And that’s what I’m going to show you.

How would you like to know one secret that will get your business thousands in credit card savings even if you don't switch processors or add any point-of-sale equipment?

"Wouldn’t my account rep tell me about this?"

Let’s face it, most merchant account reps aren’t interested in saving you money. Most don’t even know these secrets. Account reps are salespeople whose job is to get you to buy their equipment. Once the sale has been made, they give you the equipment, collect their commission from their employer, and you don’t hear from them until it’s time to upgrade or unless you call them with a question or a concern.

"So why are you telling me? Aren’t you an account rep?"

Story of building your business on honesty and integrity.

Relationship-centered and the success of your clients is why you’re successful.

I’m a Certified payment professional of the Electronic Transaction Association, President and founder of Orange Sock, an expert in payment processing and I save businesses like yours money because I know the secrets on how they fee you and how to reduce and even eliminate them.

Are you ready to CUT YOUR FEES by 30, 40, 50 even as much as a 100%

Credit cards are supposed to be a convenience, but for who? While financially convenient for your customers, increased volume means increased fees eating away at your profit margin. When you learn my secrets, you’ll discover what your credit card processing company doesn’t want you to know—how to successfully eliminate excess fees.

Think about your bank. How do they feel about a request to credit a fee? They would rather you not ask, right? Your business is the same with merchant card companies. They’d rather you not ask about how to reduce your fees.

“Mark Brown enlightened me to the possibility of significantly lowering my credit card costs. I highly recommend contacting him to see how Orange Sock can benefit you and your business needs.”

Corey Family Vision —Dr. Mitchell Corey

Most business owners are completely unaware that they can can cut their processing fees by 30% (or more!) in as little as 10 minutes..

Here are the 3 things I’m going to show you so you can start saving money RIGHT NOW:

  • THE TRUTH about PIN DEBIT and how to use it to SAVE YOUR MONEY
  • Statements AND where to locate THEIR HIDDEN FEES
  • SECRET RESOURCES that will show you card PROCESSING PROFIT LOSSESin your business

The reality is, the average small business pays 3-5% of their card revenue per year in credit card processing fees.

If you’re among that growing number, my secrets will teach you how to keep more of your money.

Use the savings build your business?

Once you learn how the rates you’re being charged aren’t as good as they could be, and you start paying less, you’ll be ina position to scale your business with all of the money you’ll save each month. You can then:

Isn’t that amazing?

Are you ready to start saving on fees?

Are you ready to re-invest in your business, or use your savings to build cash flow?

Are you ready to learn the secrets?

"Mark has saved me Thousands in fees!"

Dawn Eskins as featured on Food Network – Cupcake Wars (CEO of Carolina Cupcakery)

As I mentioned in the video, I’ve saved my clients TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars…

…but don’t take my word for it. Here’s what others have said about the secrets.

“Mark really listened and sincerely cared about what was going on. He has an A+ rating for a reason. I can't express how wonderful this company is when it comes to credit card processing, customer service and the technology.”
~ Jennifer Ellis (Owner of Finks Wheel Shop)
“Mark got me $1737.09in over-charged fees that I didn’t even know I was being charged until he discovered them. Wow!!!”
~ Anthony Graham (Owner of VA Garage)


I'm Mark Brown, founder of Orange Sock who has helped business owners like you learn the ins and outs of credit card processing for years and years.

If you’re tired of overpaying your credit card processors, working with providers that don’t care about you or your business and giving away your hard-earned profit, I invite you to join Orange Sock and have the payment processor you deserve.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to connecting back up with you shortly.

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